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How to Stay Clear of Sinusitis this Winter

Anyone who suffers from sinusitis knows the winter can intensify the sinus headaches, runny nose, inflammation and coughing. Though sinus inflammation most commonly occurs in the spring and summer months due to irritations from allergies, the cold weather can cause your nose to produce extra mucus, which can thicken and irritate your sinuses.

Here are a few ways to steer clear of sinusitis this winter:

  • Avoid catching a cold – Colds often lead to sinus infections if you are prone to getting sinus infections.
  • Use steam – Feeling pressure in your sinuses? The steam from a hot shower can loosen congestion and mucus.
  • Invest in a nasal spray – To avoid dry air irritating membranes and blood vessels, flush out the mucus with a good nasal spray.
  • Sleep differently – If you feel some congestion brewing, elevate your nose about your heart at least when you nap. Gravity can decongest your nose naturally.
  • Change your air filters – Forced air can collect dust, pollen and dander. Switch out your air filters every six months to avoid irritants in your home.
  • Stay hydrated – Water can keep your nose and lungs lubricated, which will decongest your nose naturally.

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