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Surprising Reasons You Might Lose Hearing

It’s not surprising that listening to loud music and aging can eventually lead to hearing loss. While some hearing loss causes make sense, there are a few surprising reasons you might lose hearing.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea doesn’t only affect your sleep, it also increases your risk of losing your hearing due to the effects of the vascular supply to the inner ear. In a recent study conducted by American Thoracic Society, people with sleep apnea had a 31 percent increased risk of high frequency impairment and 90 percent of people had an increased risk of low frequency hearing impairment.


High blood glucose levels that are found in people with diabetes can damage vessels in the stria vascularis and nerves.If you have diabetes, it’s suggested that you set up regular hearing tests with your physician.


The noise from lawnmowers, chainsaws and edgers can cause damage to your hearing. If you’re doing yardwork, make sure you wear ear plugs.


Excess earwax is the most common cause of temporary hearing loss. If your earwax is causing pain, discomfort or muffled hearing, be sure to see a doctor for a professional cleaning. Using a Q-tip can pack wax into the ear even further.


Due to smoking’s effect on vascular supply to the auditory system, smoking can cause hearing loss in both smokers and people who live with smokers.

Use of Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen

Pain relievers like ibuprofen can reduce blood flow to the cochlea, which can lead to impaired hearing. They can also impact the structures that protect the cochlea.

Popping Ears

Popping your ears on an airplane or in an elevator might make your ears feel better, but the pressure can result in a torn ear drum and damaged hearing.

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