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A chronic or recurring ear infection (otitis media) is when fluids remain in the middle ear for an extended period of time, which results in severe pain, fever, and hearing loss.

Chronic otisis media occurs when the Eustachian tube is blocked and cannot drain out the ear. The buildup of pus and bacteria in the inner ear can cause an acute ear infection, which is cured quickly after treatment. If the pus and bacteria stays in the inner ear for weeks or months that is when a chronic infection will emerge.  

The symptoms for a chronic infection tend to be more mild than an acute infection. May experience pressure in the ear, mild ear pain, fluid drainage, fever, loss of hearing, and issues sleeping. Signs that an infant could have a chronic infection are fussiness, high fevers, ear tugging, and change in sleeping patterns.Children tend to suffer from many ear infections before the age of five.

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