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Why You Need to Stop Using Q-Tips to Clean Your Ears

If there is one personal hygiene task you need to take off your to-do list, it’s this: stop cleaning your ears with cotton swabs. According to the American Academy of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery Foundation,…

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Is It Sinusitis or Allergic Rhinitis?

Nothing is worse than feeling congested and unable to breathe out your nose. A stuffy nose and headache are signs of many illnesses, including the common cold. When you’re past the point of having a…

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Signs You May Need to Visit an ENT Doctor

If your nose is regularly stuffy and you get earaches often, this may be a sign it is time to visit an ear, nose, and throat (ENT) doctor. ENT specialists can help you with all…

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What Causes Itchy Ears and Throat?

Itchy ears and throat can be a sign of a few different conditions, including allergies and the common cold. These symptoms are usually no cause for concern and can often be treated at home. However,…

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Home Remedies for Ear Pain

Earaches can cause debilitating pain, making it difficult to sleep, eat, and drink. The most common cause of ear pain is ear infections. When the ear becomes infected, inflammation and pressure can cause intense pain.…

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What is Causing Your Dizziness?

Have you ever stood up quickly and felt dizzy? Or maybe experienced a rush of dizziness while talking to coworkers at work? You aren’t alone. In fact, approximately 40% of the U.S. population will experience…

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How to Recognize the Signs of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can happen to anyone at any age and affect one’s quality of life, health, relationships, and career. Many people who experience hearing loss do not pick up on the signs until their lives…

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How to Alleviate Ear Pressure

How to Alleviate Ear Pressure

Ear pressure can be an uncomfortable feeling when one or both of your ears feel clogged. Ear pressure occurs when the eustachian tube becomes partially or completely blocked as a consequence of common colds, allergies,…

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