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Avoiding Sore Throat in Dry Weather

Though you may not experience very cold weather here in Fort Worth, if you travel for the holidays, here are some tips for maintaining throat health during colder, drier weather.

1. Add moisture to the air

Running a humidifier at night helps keep congestion in the sinuses from drying out. This helps with your breathing and keeps the sore throat from showing up in the morning.

2. Blow your nose

Blowing your nose can keep the congestion out of your sinuses, which also stops any drainage from dripping down to your throat.

3. Drink a lot of water

It’s just as important to keep your body hydrated in the winter as it is in the summer. Drinking water can break up the drainage, stopping a sore throat from occurring.

4. Drink tea with honey and lemon

Tea, honey and lemon numb and soothe throats.

5. Take Vitamin C

While Vitamin C may not help soothe a sore throat, it will help fight off a potential cold if you notice symptoms coming.

Rest your voice

If you woke up with a sore throat, avoid cheering, yelling or singing for a couple days or until you feel your throat isn’t sore.

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