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Nasal obstruction occurs when there is an abnormality in the structure of the nose or inflammation swelling the nose.

The symptoms of an obstruction:

  • Difficulty breathing through the nasal passageways on either one or both sides
  • Continuous mouth breathing

What are the Causes of a Nasal Obstruction?

Septal Deviation

The nasal septum that separates the two sides of the nose may have a severe deviation. While no septum is perfectly aligned, a septal deviation can cause a narrowed airway and breathing difficulty.

Turbinate Issues

Turbinates are structures within the nasal lining that humidify the air and affect the ability to smell. The turbinates can swell or accidentally trap an air cell which causes the airway to inflate.

Enlarged Adenoid Tissue

Adenoid tissue sits at the back of the nose and has the ability to enlarge. This is a more common issue among small children that can be a cause of nasal obstruction.

What is the Course of Treatment?

There are two options when it comes to treating a Nasal Obstruction:

  1. Septoplasty – used to fix a deviated septum 
  2. Turbinate Reduction – used to shave down the turbinate tissue
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