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Eustachian Tube Dysfunction Questionnaire (ETDQ-7)

  1. Below each question, select the rating from 1-7 to best describe how you feel.
  2. The scale ranges from 1 (No Problem) to 7 (Severe Problem). 4 would correspond to a Moderate Problem.

During the past 1 month, how much of a problem was each of the following?

1. Pressure in the ears?

2. Pain in the ears?

3. A feeling that your ears are clogged or “under water”?

4. Ear problems when you have a cold or sinusitis?

5. Crackling or popping sounds in the ears?

6. Ringing in the ears?

7. A feeling that your hearing is muffled?

Do you get these symptoms in one ear only or both ears?

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