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Worst States to Live in for Allergy Sufferers

Every state has allergens that cause people to feel the impact of seasonal allergies. However, these states are ranked as the worst states to live in for allergy sufferers based on pollen levels, amount of the population on allergy medications and the number of ENT doctors in the area. Texas may not be on the list, but it does border Louisiana, which ranks as the worst state for allergy sufferers.


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1. Louisiana

Louisiana is home to a number of trees that pollinate, including red cedar, willow, bayberry, birch, oak and ash.

2. The Carolinas

Allergy sufferers need to gear up for fall and spring allergy season because both North Carolina and South Carolina have higher levels of tree and grass pollen.

3. Michigan

Though spring allergy season in Michigan isn’t bad, fall brings an increase of weeds and pollen.

4. Tennessee

Spring allergy season is worse than fall allergy season in Tennessee due to mold spores, weed and grass pollens.

5. Georgia

Georgia makes the list of “worst states to live in for allergy sufferers” because of the slippery elm and brome. In addition to those allergens, the lack of rain in the past year has intensified seasonal allergies.

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