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Otosclerosis is a rare condition that causes hearing loss. When one of the hearing bones (ossicles) gets stuck in place, bone tissue can grow around it. Often times, it is the stapes bone that is the cause of otosclerosis.

In order to hear properly, the stapes bone needs to vibrate. If it is stuck in place, it can make it difficult to hear by blocking sound from traveling from the middle ear to the inner ear.


The condition usually runs in families; about half of all cases are genetically linked. Symptoms usually begin from a young age but are at their worst in your 30s. Women have a higher risk of getting the condition as it can occur during pregnancy.

Other conditions can increase your risk of otosclerosis, including measles, immune disorders, and stress fractures in the bone tissues of the inner ear.


  • Hearing evaluation
  • Close examination of the ear
  • CT scan

Otosclerosis can be treated with a procedure called stapedectomy.

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