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Top Doc Status Awarded to Dr. Marc Dean

Dr. Marc Dean is the head physician at the Ear and Sinus Institute, serving the greater Fort Worth area. As a board-certified otolaryngologist, he specializes in ear and sinus disorders. 

Dr. Marc Dean: Top Doc Once Again

For several years, Dr. Dean has been recognized as a “Top Doc” by the TX Top Doctors organization. Each year, doctors with this achievement are re-reviewed for approval for the next year. Surprise, surprise – our doc is always one of the best! 

Dr. Marc Dean’s Accomplishments 

Dr. Dean is part of the LSU faculty as a clinical professor in Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery. He is also the President and CEO of the Otorhinologic Research Institute, a non-profit organization focusing on the development of new treatments for ear, sinus and eustachian tube disorders. 

Dr. Dean hopes to raise the awareness of these conditions in local medical communities around the world. He has taught, lectured and lead mission trips to multiple countries providing free information to doctors and necessary medical treatment to those in need. New endeavors include the development of a cochlear implant program in northern Iraq and a head and neck program in Vietnam. 

Patient-centered and dedicated to his practice, he is truly a top doc! 

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